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Crafting Exceptional Wood Windows & Doors

Bosquet brings nature into your interior and exteriors world. Through unbound respect and tremendous mastery acquired in over 70 years of experience, we let nature fully express itself: rich, marvelous, and unyielding.

By leveraging modern methods and processes, we can build extremely durable wood products that require little to no maintenance. But as strong and ancient as it is, wood remains a vulnerable resource. We strive to work providers that responsibly manage this precious gift.

Building Spaces with Natural Elegance

By leveraging modern methods and processes, we can build extremely durable wood products that require little to no maintenance. We carry a curated array of wood species, to fit general or specific purposes, and can use special varieties on demand.


As strong and venerable as it is, wood remains vulnerable resource. We strive to work providers that handle this precious gift in a responsible way. As well, we have long adopted water-based products to enrich and protect our products.

Bosquet Care

Get the most of your Bosquet Investment

To make sure you enjoy your Bosquet architectural elements, please follow the appropriate care instructions, outlined in our appropriate maintenance guide available here.

Bosquet In Brief

Flawless quality

Bosquet is built on 70 years of experience, evolution and the pursuit of perfection. This is how we’ve earned a stellar reputation of supreme craftsmanship and unyielding reliability at every level.

World-class components

Our doors and windows are unparalleled in quality. That’s why we only pair them with locks, handles and other hardware that are on par with them.

Water-based solvents - a clear choice

At Bosquet, we’ve gone green a long time ago. But not from envy. We use exclusively tried and tested water-based solvents and products. It’s better for nature, our craftspeople and you.

Turnkey service

Bosquet has a reliable network of select certified installers, and top tier suppliers. These associations allow us see to your products at every step – from the forest to your threshold.

A carefully executed installation will let you get the most of your investment, by ensuring tight sealing and component integrity of your unique doors and windows. And that is why, to personally control quality, we only deliver doors and windows within the province of Quebec

Unrivaled prices

Bosquet builds high quality products at a very, very competitive price.

Manufacturing our own products shaves a lot of the added costs. What’s more, since Bosquet is now part of the Meubles Saint-Damase group, and has access to its outstanding purchasing power.

Swift turnaround

About 20 weeks, from blueprint to your step, installation included. For custom-made wood doors and windows of this quality, that is simply unheard of.

Questions, inquiries, comments?

Fitting Values

Tasteful By Nature

Bosquet mandates and serves talented designers and architects, who have the eye and the touch to transform a simple opening into a unique and admirable work, and your private spaces into privileged spaces. 

Craft and Tradition

Our expertise stems from knowledge and skills accumulated and perfected over some 70 years of steady and passionate work. This experience is patent in the choices we make and the care we put in every single detail.

Praiseworthy Practices

When it comes to be a leader in architectural wood products, Bosquet vows to exceed the most stringent industry standards in terms of efficiency and quality.

Local ressources and Staff

Community is at the heart of Bosquet. Not only do we prioritize locally-sourced material, we also make a point of maintaining our facilities in the area, with staff that live and prosper in the community.

The manufacturing of our own products reduces a large portion of additional costs. Moreover, since Bosquet is part of the Meubles Saint-Damase group and has access to its exceptional purchasing power, this allows Bosquet to obtain the best parts and materials at very low prices. We then pass on these massive savings to you.

Precision and innovation

Bosquet is always in tune with the latest trends and technological breakthroughs. Our unrelenting pursuit of perfection drives us to integrate the finest practices and techniques available

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