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Vivere Collection

Versatile and timeless, Bosquet Living’s Vivere Collection is literally remarkable: bold in style and made to last.

The Vanishing Point Between Indoor and Outdoor Living

The joys and benefits of the outdoors have never been more obvious than today. At the same time, our homes have become an even more central part of our world. What if we brought them together?

Bringing the quality and beauty of the Bosquet name to exquisite indoor and outdoor wood furniture. 

Bosquet Living set out with one goal in mind: create outdoor furniture that completely redefines the genre, outlasting time and trends.

Made in North America with carefully sourced and selected wood species, our furniture reflects are values: durability, sustainability, and maybe above all, uniqueness.


Curva Collection

Curves and volumes define these models with arches and serial slats. Curva Collection takes the best of the seventies and strips it down to clean yet bold lines.

Aurom Collection

Captivating and inviting, indoor and outdoor, Aurom Collection is one-part iconic Scandinavian Modern, one-part fantastical sophistication. 

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